The Unrealised EP Saga Part 1: To Explore


Eight explorations on eight different handpans (six halos and two aethers). The contents of this recording represent an ideal encapsulation of what is known as free musical expression.

Recorded at: Pantheon Steel HQ, Farmington M.O., U.S.A.
Mastered at: Unreal Studioz, Athens, Greece
Editing: Spyros Pan
Cover Photography: Dimitris Paridis
Release Date: June 2010

A few words about this release:

This is the first part of a tetralogy EP Series that I have been working on the past two years. It is called “To Explore” as all the tracks are improvisations on handpans that are not mine and I had only a few hours to “explore” their scales.

In October 2014, I visited the headquarters of Pantheon Steel, makers of the Halo handpan. During my stay with them I was very lucky to lay my hands on all the instruments that came out of the tuning room. Being exposed to such a variety of scales was a mind-blowing experience.The idea of this recording came to me naturally and represents a totally different concept in what I have been doing so far as a musician. I would spend a few hours – sometimes a day at most – fiddling with each instrument that I liked the scale. When I felt I was ready, I’d set up my mobile recording studio and press the rec button following the “One take. One chance.” approach.

Each track is a free flow of movements that occurred right then and there. This is the pure essence of this recording that captured a unique moment of musical expression. There is a little magic in listening to a track that was played just this only one time. The material was later edited and mastered at Unreal Studioz by my trusty sound engineer Alex Ketenjian. A few of the tracks in this EP have their videoclip which can you watch at my youtube channel by clicking here.

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