It’s been indeed a long time I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog. Facebook lately has been giving me a weird feeling the more I am playing with it so posting stuff on my own blog feels a lot nicer. Don’t know how many of you will read it since most of us are spending a lot of time in the net of the aforementioned social media, but nevertheless. It is worth it.

There’s one more thing. It’s not just the handpan. My life I mean. I like to think myself as a multilayered person not a mono one. I have like an endless list of interests and a lot of hobbies. I like to do stuff and life is rich. Very rich I would say. If we are here to experience, then give me the best you got. I will try. Most of the times.


I enjoy writing a lot and have always kept my dribbles hidden from all the rest apart from me. I feel that it is time I should change that habit of keeping things to myself and perhaps let it out as I feel an urge to do it. No idea why. It just feels damn bloody satisfactory to do so. Like the feeling of a properly chilled bottle of beer in your hand after a hard days work in the summer. The sound of the cap opening with that familiar ‘ploomb’ sound, the cold sweat of the bottle cooling the palm, that first sip speeding down the throat like a reckless maniac on a brake-less bicycle… Not to mention of course that I pray the heavens you will find it amusing, entertaining and perhaps also mentally stimulating?

Thoughts and observations, for sure a lot of anecdotes and other stories of humanity’s everyday madness will be featured here. Expect some images as well.

For personal reasons I also have chosen to post in a language that is not my native. Please pardon my mistakes or any weak usage. I will give the best shot I can.

…. so relax, kick your shoes off, make a cup o’ coffee or something (find also a way to keep it warm ’till next post) and enjoy yourselves… it is about to begin.


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