During my stay in India back in the spring of 2009, I travelled from the South to the North to reach some fresh air on the mountains needing to recover from a sever illness. My journey lasted 56 hours and entailed three train changes. That I was a very long one, so after reading all my books, and watching all the movies on my laptop I had an idea to create a time-lapse video.

The door on the vagon was open, so I could virtually hang out from the train holding with my left arm the door handle and the camera on the right one. I shot something like 8600 pictures. It was fun! The most amazing memory though was the looks of the other passengers as I was hanging out suspended from the train.

What was not fun though, and I got to realize it only too late is that the Indians throw everything out of the windows; lunch boxes, plastic plates, cups, all sorts of other rubbish, cigarettes (usually lit ones) and other stuff. Occasionally they spit as well. When I realized it, I was already so dirty that it did not matter to continue for as long as I could endure it.

Anyway, fast forward to January 2012. I am in London visiting a good friend and one afternoon I decided to mount all those images together into a time-lapse video. It was awesome but it had no sound. Around that time I was working on some new patterns which very fluidly molded into a track that is known as “A Train Journey”.

For the record this was the very first instance that I enrichened with synthesizers and midi one of my compositions for solo handpan.

This track was finally recorded in a studio in 2015 and is featured in the new album Quiver and I always enjoy playing it!

You can listen to the track here.

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