Transatlantic Overtures is perhaps one of the most enjoyable collaborations yet. I was residing at Pantheon Steel HQ at the time taking lessons as an apprentice tuner. One night after work, I was fiddling around some patterns on a brand new halo that I brought home to play with. Suddenly I locked in a very enjoyable drum n bass riff which I later loaded on Ableton Live, added a pad and a bass line and in a matter of an evening a new awesome track was ready. Almost ready actually.

A fantastic idea popped up. To create a track with a friend back from Athens working via distance. I send him the files, a video and he did the same on his side.

A few days later we had two videos which were merged together and one of the best tracks I have ever created to date. This is the only version of the track, we are planning to make an album with Billa Qause where this track will be featured. Until then you can listen to it here.

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